“IOC/WADA should reopen this case”, says doping authority Richard Ings

Sprint kayaker Adam Seroczynski demands compensation from the IOC

By John Mason | Freelance

Richard Ings, former CEO of Australian Sports Anti Doping Authority, thinks that the IOC and WADA should reopen the doping case concerning Polish sprint kayaker Adam Seroczynski.

Polish canoe sprint athlete Adam Seroczynski, who was fourth in the K2 1000 metres final at the Beijing Olympics, tested positive for clenbuterol during the Games, according to reports.

The Polish Olympic Committee received confirmation from the International Olympic Committee that the B-sample of the test was positive.

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Seroczynski, 34, was a bronze medallist at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

Seroczynski has said in an interview with the ARD anti-doping editorial staff that he wants to restore his reputation. The Polish athlete is considering taking action for damages against the International Olympic Committee (IOC):

“I think the behaviour by the IOC is a complete scandal. And they didn’t deal with my case in a way that was important for me. So my lawyer and I will definitely now try to fight for my rights. I want to prove that I’m completely clean. And if we win, if the court ruling proves that I’m right, we will definitely look at the options for getting compensation, for getting some kind of financial redress for me.”

In order to be able to differentiate better in the future between doping and meat contamination, anti-doping researchers in Europe are working on new testing and analysis options. Mario Thevis from the anti-doping lab in Cologne outlines their efforts to the ARD:

“We’ve had research projects ongoing in this area for several years now. And they’re taking a range of approaches here. Our own efforts are also focusing on achieving verification, and on the differences, on what distinguishes clenbuterol when it comes from contaminated meat, or when it is in fact from the deliberate taking of medicaments, from drugs.”

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