Could Lisa Carrington tackle four events in Tokyo?

NZ Herald – Lisa Carrington is tempted; her coach Gordon Walker is skeptical.

Carrington’s dazzling performance in winning four medals at the world canoe sprint championships in the Czech Republic was borne of a desire to test her boundaries and give her a fresh challenge in a non-Olympic year.

She won gold in the K1 200m – in which she’s unbeaten since 2011 – and the K2 500m with Caitlin Ryan, silver in the K1 500m and bronze in the K4, with Ryan, Aimee Fisher and Kayla Imrie.

So is this just a one-off or is it feasible for the 28-year-old paddler to tackle four at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020?

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“It’s really tempting to do all the events, but realistically it is very challenging,” Carrington said yesterday.

“You want to perform at your absolute best in every event you do. By doing four that could compromise those outcomes.

“There are other athletes who deserve an opportunity to have a go at all events as well. It is pretty exciting, but we’ve got a few years to go, and a whole year to figure out what we’re going to do at the next world champs.'”

Part of the issue is the Olympic schedule in Tokyo. It’s not as if the spreading of events allows plenty of recuperation time in between. Some disciplines have racing as little as 40 minutes apart.

Walker has some concerns.

“To do all four is probably a bit too much at an Olympic Games, so we need to be strategic in how we choose these events for different people and how those athletes decide to focus on different events,” he said.

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