Float your boat: Kayak polo players make a row in Brooklyn Bridge Park

They’re making a splash!

Crews of competitive kayakers ship out each Sunday for a splashy water sport in the river off of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Kayak polo is a ball game that appeals to those who love being out on the water, but want a slightly more pulse-pounding option than simply sculling along the East River, said the event’s organizer.

“Kayak polo is an alternative activity which is pretty rigorous, a little bit more competitive,” said Tom Potter, the park’s program adviser. “It allows people who get interested in kayaking an additional, aggressive way to get better skills and have fun.”

Kayak polo combines elements of basketball, water polo, and kayaking. Two five-person teams take to the water, competing to hurl a large polo ball into the opposing team’s goal — a net suspended a few feet above the water. A winning team is crowned after two eight-minute periods, with a “golden ball” overtime session resolving any ties.

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