Michal Martikan on Facebook:

I have got warning in World cup Krakow about my small stickers “mm2020” (40mm wide) behind the cockpit, that it’s against the rules. 🤔 I removed that after Mrs. Sue Natoli (main referee, ICF) send an email to SVK team leader. Today again in Augsburg after my Q run, logo of our club “DUKLA” (last sticker on top of my canoe) is again against the rules. It looks like it is some kind of war behind the curtain…, after athletes meeting this week where we said that racing without the spectators because of “stupid” program (calendar too) racing early morning or during usual lunch time will not increase the number of spectators!? Planed World Championships in Rio, BRA this year without the spectators(!!!) too.

It is easy to find the sponsors for canoe slalom (if you don’t know that, I can do it). Just give me the official permission! The sponsors you try to find 20 years will come to support if there is top athletes from the world racing in front of a lot of spectators (this must be our vision!!!)

You (ICF), still think that this is against you! NO!!! We (who are not satisfied with current situation) want to help you make canoe slalom, one of the most beautiful sport in the world, much much better than now! With the rapid change not after years according your internal ICF rules. Change now or it can be too late…!(?)

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Anything is possible!!! (If you want)

Best regards

Michal Martikan

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