Writer: Nina Jelenc

Idroscalo venue, an artificial lake in Milan, hosted teams from ten countries at the first ECA Canoe Polo Euro Cup of the season 2018. Teams were divided into four categories, men’s and women’s senior and men’s and women’s U21. Germany celebrated wins in two finals of the day – their athletes were the best in women’s senior final and women’s U21 final, while Italy won in men’s senior final and France in men’s U21 final.

After two days of exciting canoe polo tournament in Milan we have the winning teams of the event. Always strong Italian team did not let anyone surprise them in front of the home crowd. In the semi-final match they scored six times, while their opponents from Spain scored three times, so there was no question who will play in the grand final. In the first semifinal match Germany lost to France with 3 – 5. So, it was all down to the final event of the tournament. Italy and France showed a very equal form, and the match ended with a score 5 –4 in favour of Italian team. In a bronze medal match Germany won 5 – 2 against Spain.

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In women’s part of the tournament Germany celebrated both in senior and U21 events. Senior team found a place in the gold medal match after a solid performance and 5 – 3 win against Great Britain in the first semifinal match. France was another finalist after winning 3 – 2 in the second semifinal match against Italy. In the gold medal match Germany at the end celebrated a win 4 – 2 against France. Great Britain won in the bronze medal match with Italy. The final score was 4 – 2.

In women’s U21 category Germany scored six times and their opponents from France three times, so it was another gold medal for Germany. In the bronze medal match Great Britain defeated Italy with a score 3 – 2.

France was the winner of men’s U21 part of the tournament. They were better than the team of Italy only by one goal. The final result was 4 – 3 in favour of France. Germany and Switzerland played in the bronze medal match. Germany was more successful at the end, winning with three goals to two.

The second ECA Canoe Polo Euro Cup of the season will be held in Mechelen, Belgium, on 23rd and 24th June 2018.


MEN – Senior

  1. Italy
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. Spain
  5. Denmark
  6. Netherlands
  7. Italy 2
  8. Switzerland
  9. Great Britain
  10. Hungary

WOMEN – Senior

  1. Germany
  2. France
  3. Great Britain
  4. Italy
  5. Netherlands
  6. Switzerland

MEN – U21

  1. France
  2. Italy
  3. Germany
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