Vejle Kajakklub in Denmark

The Floating Kayak Club was created for the Vejle Commune by FORCE4 Architects in 2015. Both the club and the architects are nominated for this award.

The clubhouse floats over the waters of the Vejle Fjord in Denmark, accessed by a wooden walkway. The design is sleek and modern, combining Danish aesthetics with the practical needs of a kayak club. The building is a striking sculpture in itself and is surely one of the most remarkable kayak clubs in the world.

The building has two main sections, one for club activities and one for kayak storage. Between these areas is a courtyard with decks surrounding a central water space, providing an easy place to ‘put in’ and access the fjord.

According to the architects – ‘The central water space strengthens the community and supports a ‘club-feeling’’

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