Vavra Hradilek – Planet Canoe are you serious? Am I at the same World Cup event as this guy who has written this article [see below]? I have not seen any athletes or coaches giving thumbs up to the change which only brought us back about 25 years. I really hope it only is a mistake for one race. Speaking that it was decision of a coaches and race organizers? why no one knew about it before?

Well it is Praha, it will be best World cup and enjoy awesome facility to race everyone!

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ICF Press Release

Early access to race course gets thumbs up from slalom athletes

There’s a lot of change happening in canoe slalom this year, and one difference that seems to have met with widespread approval is the opportunity to have a sneak peak at the course 24 hours early.

Under new rules introduced this year, all paddlers had the chance to test the actual Prague canoe slalom race course on the day before competition, and they all took up the opportunity with considerable gusto.

Usually the race course is set the night before the event, but event organisers and team leaders voted overwhelmingly this week to bring in the change.

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