10 words to help you understand whitewater lingo

GRIND TV – Learning a new sport is as much a cultural endeavor as a physical one. Navigating through the paddling social scene in particular can be bizarre and challenging because though some words overlap, the sport hasn’t ingrained itself into the general American everyday culture like surfing or skiing have.

With that, here are 10 words to get you started on mingling with other whitewater boaters. The rest will follow.


Noun: Someone whose skill typically doesn’t match the rivers they paddle, resulting in that person getting beat down and swimming a lot, usually in a comical way.

Verb: Beatering, beatered; to really mess up a move. Can also be something embarrassingly easy compared to the skill level of the paddler.


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Verb: Typically used when the boater is stuck in a retentive hydraulic, either while in the boat or swimming.

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